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Lovino shifted uncomfortably in his bed, the bright morning sun shining through his windows and illuminating his rather small room. He dragged the thin covers over his eyes, much to no avail, and after a few moments of useless adjustment, decided on getting out of bed.

The boy dressed himself quickly, grabbing his apron and lazily tying it around his waist. He stopped for a moment to admire his reflection in the mirror, noting the minute details one generally overlooked in brief encounters. The way his jaw line had become harder, slightly more defined; how his torso had lengthened, and shoulders broadened in accompaniment. There was definitely a notable change, now that he had looked for it. He grinned, winking at his reflection, then proceeded to make a slight gagging noise upon the realization he had just reminded himself of Francis. He straightened the bow of his apron, fixed his hair, and tied his bonnet around his head, primping himself for a few more minutes. He wanted to look as best he could; it wasn't every day a young man turned thirteen. Not that he figured the Spaniard would remember something as trifle as a birthday.

Once deeming himself fit, Lovino stepped into the hallway, closing his door quietly. He hadn't bothered to look at the clock, but judging by the angle of the sunlight through his window, it was obviously still morning. He paused at the thought, rolling his eyes at his newfound habit. During his stay in Mr. Edelstein's home, he was accustomed to being bitched at for the slightest of noises. Even a year afterwards, he had constantly caught himself falling back on the habit. Lovino then found himself angered by the thought of the Austrian man, and opted to re-open the door, slamming it loudly for good measure. He smirked and continued down the hall.

A bubbling voice sounded from the kitchen, "Geez, Lovi, did you have to close it so loud? You almost scared me~!" The sweet sound was followed by a series of patchwork giggles, a noise almost exclusive to the man. It was unmistakably the Spanish bastard.

So he is up… Bah… He rounded the corner, slinking into the kitchen quietly. He had no desire to deal with Antonio's shit today. Not on his birthday.

Much to his discontent, he was spotted anyway.

"Happy Birthday, Lovinito~!" He came up from behind, swooping the boy up into an awkward hug.

Lovino let out a small yelp, "Gack! Bastard, put me down!" He struggled, to no avail, and elbowed the older man in the ribs. Despite the annoying surprise attack, Lovino was impressed he had remembered after so long.

Antonio winced, setting him down gently, and flashed a mighty grin.

"The hell are you smiling about?" he spat in further annoyance, smoothing his apron.

"You thought I forgot, didn't you~?" he giggled again, "I got you a present~!" He proceeded to pull a small box from his pocket, brushing it lightly with his fingers, as if it had been coated in dust. He laid it flat in his palm, holding it out for Lovino, his smile widening. "Open it!"

Lovino looked at him in surprise, then stared at the box. It was a pastel chartreuse in color, wrapped in a baby blue ribbon. If one peered closely, they would be able to make out small custard-colored designs carved into the small container. The box itself was quite pretty, though Lovino immediately concluded it was store-bought cardboard and moved past the admiration, taking the box and turning it over in his hands.

"Uhm… There's something in the box, Lovi~!" Antonio stared, chuckling.

Lovino stammered, "I-I know that, dumb ass!…" In truth, he was in shock. He had never received a proper gift before. His grandfather had always been too busy sleeping around and partying to remember his grandsons' birthdays, and while Elizaveta had gotten him nice things, they weren't so much 'gifts' as pity. Receiving a present was something he had never experienced before. Not one wrapped up nicely, tied with a bow. Not one on his birthday.

He gingerly pulled at the pretty ribbon, letting it fall away from the box and stuffing it into his pocket. Hesitantly, placed his fingers over the lid. He had been too busy being excited about receiving the gift that he hadn't bothered to wonder what it was. He lifted one end, peeking inside.

Within the box, nestled in velvet, was a small wooden cross, intricately carved with tiny, subtle roses along the edges. In the center lay the Vargas crest, etched into the sweet-smelling cedar with the precision of a craftsman's hand. At the top end of the cross, a small hole had been horizontally drilled, and through the hole ran a length of leather cord. Along the cord lay several tied-in beads of green, red, and gold. His eyes lingered on the golden beads for a moment, noting how realistic they appeared. Perhaps they were. A closer look revealed even smaller designs marked into the golden beads, clearly done by hand. The detail was astonishing.

Lovino pulled it out of the box, gazing at it in admiration.

"T-thank you… It's… It's beautiful…" He stammered, laying it out in his hands. He was too awestruck to be his usual dickheaded self. It looked much like Antonio's own necklace, but different in color and intricacy.

Antonio smiled. "I'm so glad you like it~!" He splayed out his hands, palms up, showing off many marks and lacerations. "It took quite some time to make…"

Lovino looked up at him in shock. "You made this?" He frowned, looking at his battered hands, and then the cross. It was as if the Spaniard was trying to suck up to him. He couldn't let that fly.

"Yeah, well… Thanks, Toni. It's really nice," he grumbled, looking away. He decided he wasn't going to be a complete asshole today. Just for today.

The older man smiled, stretching out his hands. "Do you want me to put it on you~?" He cocked his head, "I chose the colors just for you! I didn't want them to be exactly like mine…" He drew his hands back, pulling his own necklace out of his shirt. It was much like Lovino's, though worn and the carvings faded. The colors were similar, red and gold, but in place of green there stood a deep blue, a representation of the Mediterranean Sea.

Antonio tucked it back into his collar, once again gesturing to put Lovino's on for him.

"I can do it…" Lovino whined, but handed the necklace to him anyway. He turned around, allowing him to tie it around his neck. Once finished, Lovino made his way to the nearest mirror to have a look at his charming new gift. The green matched his eyes perfectly, accenting them in a subtle way. He couldn't help but smile as he touched his fingers against the smooth cedar, feeling the detail and work put into such a small thing in a single movement. The bastard had really outdone himself.

Said bastard came up from behind him, cocking his head and admiring his handiwork around Lovino's neck.

"You look so pretty, Lovinito~!" he giggled, resting his hands on the small boy's shoulders.

"P-pretty? I'm a boy, dipshit!…" Lovino scowled, blushing.

"That doesn't mean you can't be pretty~! I think you're the prettiest--"

"Shut up, bastard!" Lovino blushed deeper and tore away from him, walking back into the kitchen. "I'm a boy, don't say that stuff…" He sat down at the table and huffed, grabbing one of many tomatoes in a bowl in the center, and without another word proceeded to eat away at it, the scowl lingering on his face alongside a faint red blush.

Antonio smiled, walking over to him and kissing the top of his head playfully and teasing, "Pretty~!" before sitting down across from him and grabbing his own tomato, tossing it into the air a few times.

Lovino gritted his teeth and continued eating, glaring at the Spanish man sternly.

Antonio met his gaze and grinned, oblivious to the seething anger that Lovino was attempting to direct towards him. "Happy Birthday, Lovi~!"

Lovino flashed him a near homicidal stare. "Yeah. Shut up."

Antonio simply smiled, gleefully biting into his tomato.
Yeah, I don't know if this is a continuation of my last one or another story all on it's own. If it's a continuation, it's hit a time skip of about 4 years, after Spain returns and takes him off Austria's hands.
I'll decide on that part later.

Romano, Spain, Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story (c) =DareToBeDaring
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